It’s Time to Get REAL!

For 90 Days… Let’s Get REAL

90 Days Reading the New Testament

90 Days Exploring the Truths of Scripture

90 Days Activating the Power of Christ through YOU

90 Days Laying Aside Worries to Share Hope

In Just 90 days. We are going to GET REAL! 

REAL with the teachings of the New Testament, and REAL in how we share hope as a church family. 

Individually, as each of you follow the 90 day reading plan of the NewTestament, we hope that you try to set aside $1 per day. 
Set aside $1 every day for 90 days and you have $90 right? 
What if 150 people did that? That would be $13,500!  And if 300 people did that? The total is $27,000. 

At the end of 90 days we could have $27,000 or more!

To do what you say? Pay the church heating bill? 

No… we know that when we as a church give back generously to the community, that those heating bills have no issues being paid. 

We are going to take whatever we raise from this “dollar club” of our members studying, learning, and living the teachings of Christ, and we are going to give it away to families in the community in serious need this year around Christmas time. And when we say give it away, we mean all of it to families in need. Instead of the Back to Zero effort we have put forth the last several years, which has mad it possible to serve many in small ways, we will designate these gifts to a few families in serious need and surprise them in big ways!

Share this plan with family and friends… the more reading and setting aside a dollar a day, the more we can give back. $90 won’t make much difference to most people this Christmas, but $90 from hundreds of generous people giving back help families in need… that can be thousands of dollars to get families in our community back on the right track!

CLICK on the links below for the study plan or to setup online giving:

THE READING PLAN to study the New Testament IN 90 DAYS!


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