Community Projects

LaPark Playground & Splash Pad

LaPark Multi-generational Inclusive Playground and Splash Pad renovations starting in the spring.

Special thanks to these key sponsors along with everyone who has contributed so far!

Monsoon Level Sponsors:
Healthcare Foundation of La Porte
IHCDA Homeownership Opportunities
American Licorice Company
Bethany Church Foundation

Tidal Wave Level Sponsors:
Nathan, Kristen, and Emerson Ulery
Dunes Hospice LLC, Steve Dobben
Robert J. Hiler Family Foundation
Pastor Chris & Carol Armiger
Dr. James & Christie Edwards


Call 219-362-3312


Beer. Bands. BBQ.
First Responder Benefit on July 3rd
Nashville’s Rising Stars – TBA

Church Life

Read Acts 2:42-47. This is the model for the early church. It is also the foundation for our church today. It is all that the church should be. It is all that we, as a church, will strive to be.

  • Worship – together we join in regular worship
  • Serve – together we serve others
  • Learn – together we study the Word and grow
  • Pray – together we pray regularly
How do you fit in to that picture? How can you best live out Acts 2:42-47 at BLC?

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Common Questions….

How do I Choose a Worship Service?

Our worship services are all about one hour in length. Ranging from casual to modern to traditional in style, we try to offer a variety of styles to enhance your Worship experience.
Worship Options

How do I Serve Others through BLC?

Service opportunities abound a BLC. What are your interests? What do you love to do? There are many untapped spiritual gifts in every congregation. Find yours by serving through BLC via events and projects intended to reach the lost, as Jesus asks us to. Not sure how to figure out where or how to serve. Let us know. We NEED you!

Tell Us You Want to Serve

How do I Learn and Grow?

All aspects of church life push us towards learning and growth. Worship, Service, Prayer and Learning are all crucial to growth or discipleship.  Study is one of the easiest to neglect aspects of Christian life. Study! Commit to making a regular study part of your life. Several options exist at BLC, but if you don’t see one listed that you like, let us know. We want to help connect you with a study that you can make a regular part of your growth in Christ.

Study Options

How do I Pray?

You can pray however you want! Prayer is a conversation with your Creator. You can be open and honest with Him always. His love for you is never ending. If you’re worried about “praying right”, remember that there is no “wrong”. You don’t have to sign up for public prayer or lead meal prayers in front of thousands, you just need to get use to talking to God and listening (an often forgotten aspect of prayer) for His response. Remember it is a “conversation”.  If you love to pray and would consider praying for others, let us know. We need prayer warriors on our email prayer partners team! Be sure to include your accurate email and note that you’re requesting to be a Prayer Partner.

Tell Us You Want to Pray for Others